Within the Batumi oil terminal management structure operates the Occupational and Industrial Safety Division, which ensures effective implementation of activities, related to occupational safety, industrial and fire safety.

The Occupational and Industrial Safety Division ensures compliance with the requirements of international standards of quality management system in the field of occupational safety and industrial safety: ISO 9001:2008, OSHAS 18001:2007, ISGOTT 5-2007, occupational health and safety management system OHSMS H1-10-10 -004 and internal product standard N2-10-10-008 - "Enterprise fire safety regime management Guidelines ".


In its daily activities, the Occupational and Industrial Safety Division acts according to the following requirements of Georgian and international standards:

Law of Georgia – “Product Safety and Free Movement Code”;

Order no. 1-1/2287 – Tank farms safety rules;

Order no. 1–1/525  Gas systems safety general requirements;

Tank farms technical operation rules;

Steam and hot-water heating boilers installation and safe operation rules;

Pressure vessels installation and safe operation rules;

Lifting equipment  installation and safe operation rules;

Law of Georgia № 2467-II – On Public safety;

Georgia Government Resolution №370 from 28.07.2015 "On Approval of the Technical Regulation  regarding fire safety terms and conditions  ";

Resolution №409 - "On the Adoption and Enactment of the Technical Regulations governing the construction industry on the territory of Georgia."

Following Services of The Occupational and Industrial Safety Division operate on the territory of the terminal:

The Occupational Safety Service - compliance with requirements of the rules, instructions and regulations on occupational health and safety in the performance of all types of work, the main and auxiliary processes;

The Industrial Safety Service - supervision and monitoring of compliance with the enhanced technical hazards (registered and unregistered) operation rules;

The Fire Safety Service - provides fire protection measures at the enterprise in accordance with the requirements of Georgian and International standards.

The Occupational and Industrial Safety Division provides:

Inspection system management, based on the analysis and evaluation of industrial risks - the "Registry of the risks and hazards of Batumi Oil Terminal Units» H2-10-20-002;

Systematic monitoring and continuous surveillance of main and auxiliary technological processes during acceptance, storage and transshipment of crude oil and petroleum products, also of the measures, related to the construction and repair works;

Participation in the activities of The Permanent Commission on occupational, industrial and fire safety;

Control over procedures, ensuring fire safety regime at the enterprise;

Systematic monitoring of the technical condition of the stationary fire protection systems and other means of fire extinguishing, existing at the enterprise;

Permanent monitoring during execution of fire-hazardous operations and other works, which are subject to supervision;

Terminal-operating and engineering personnel’s training, retraining, certification, skill enhancement control and conduction of refresher courses and trainings.

On the basis of a joint agreement, protection of Batumi Oil Terminal from fires as well as preventive works are provided by an outsourcing company "Fire safety, service".

In compliance with the approved program, planned firefighting tactical exercises, as well as the arrangements and execution of general garrison fire and tactical exercises (including night time), involving the units of the local Office of Emergency and operating and engineering staff of the enterprise, are carried out by the personnel of outsourcing company “Fire safety, maintenance” on the enterprise’s premises.

The Fire Safety Service works in four shifts in 24-hour mode. Daily firefighting squad is equipped with two fire bluster water tankers and one fire engine.  Two additional fire bluster tankers are available in reserve.