PERSONNEL POLICY of  "Batumi Oil Terminal" LTD

General principles

Personnel policy of "Batumi Oil Terminal" (hereinafter - the "Company") is aimed at establishing an efficient human resources management system based on social partnership. In this regard, one of the main challenges the company is facing is the development of employees' professional skills as well as keeping i[ the traditions of the enterprise.
Employees are considered to be one of the main strategic resources of the Company that ensure its competitiveness and foster the main directions of personnel policy:
• the selection, evaluation and use of personnel;
• training and development;
• motivation and remuneration of staff;
• social  policy

Staff recruitment, assessment and involvement

The Company appreciates its employees’ professionalism and the educational level, goal-oriented nature, initiative, ability to learn and putting the acquired knowledge to practice, as well as a strong commitment to corporate values and traditions.
To attract qualified personnel The Company carries out the selection of candidates on a competitive basis, contributes to quick and painless adaptation of new employees.
The Company has a personnel reserve of the most promising employees.

Training and development

Personnel policy is aimed at ensuring the basic principle: the professionalism of workers, their achievement of consistently high results of the work aimed at the development and introduction of innovations, commitment to corporate values.
A comprehensive system of staff development provides the required level of training, high levels of individual performance and contributes to the solution of the current problems faced by the Company.
The system provides for training of production and management personnel at all levels.

Management of the Company has a policy of increasing the volume of production and training technical unit staff, programming forces units of the Company. For this purpose, the Company planned to equip the training center with modern aids and multimedia tutorials. To assess the knowledge of the production and technical courses permanent Attestation Commission of the number of engineers and management was set up.

The Company has widely acquired modern educational technologies, including distance learning and training «on-line».

Employee Motivation
Company employees motivation system that combines financial and non-financial incentives, is aimed at attracting and retaining qualified personnel, increasing the interest of workers in the results of their labor.
The payment system, operating in the Company, provides for the establishment of official salaries and tariff rates with regard to the qualifications and professional qualities, the current bonuses for the results of production activities of workers, bonuses and allowances, depending on the working conditions and the volume of work performed, a one-time bonus payment (as well as the payment of compensation on the basis of the work).

The Company has some hazardous working conditions and in view of the continuous cycle of labour within the enterprise:

the increased payment for the night shifts and on public holidays is produced;

additional payments are made for the combination of professions, and the performance of duties of temporarily absent employees;

there is the minimum length of leave set for employees 24 working days;

granted additional leave (10 calendar days);

Free milk is available.

Official documents:
The relationship between the employee and the employer are governed by the Company in several fundamental documents:

Labor Code of Georgia

The collective agreement between "Batumi Oil Terminal" LTD and the Union of "Batumi Oil Terminal" in 2014-2016 years.;

Social policy

Social policy is an integral part of human resources management policy and is aimed at providing the Company with a competitive advantage in the labour market, creation of an effective system of social protection of workers.
The Company has successfully implemented social development programme, designed to create favorable conditions for work, recreation, health care of the workers and their families, social protection of veterans of labour.

Execution conditions of social obligations is the basis for the creation of a cohesive team, supportive and comfortable atmosphere in it, improve the efficiency of work and dedication of each employee, reduce the employee turnover, in order to attract qualified professionals.

Much attention in the Company is paid to the creation of working conditions, welfare and recreation staff. At work staff is delivered by comfortable buses. All workers are provided with high-quality protective clothing, personal protective equipment, organised their food. All employees of the Company insured by the leading insurance company. Employees are guaranteed the organisation and payment of high-quality medical services to provide outpatient, inpatient, emergency and first aid. Annually, there are preventive medical examinations of workers exposed to harmful and dangerous production factors. As a result of periodic medical examinations designed interventions to prevent and reduce disease, improve the sanitary and hygienic conditions.


In addition, to ensure social stability of labor and social protection of workers and members of their families the Company provided the following benefits:

ensuring the spa treatment of employees;

Provision of financial assistance (allowances, compensation) for the organisation of the funeral of the employee or a family member; for the treatment of the employee and / or family members are not covered by insurance; at the birth of children and the marriage of the employee; to anniversaries.


One important aspect of our social policy is to support the sport and healthy way of life of employees. Games arranged by the Company, in addition to maintaining and improving the promotion of physical fitness, help strengthen the corporate culture and team unity.

The active social position of the Company is expressed not only in the care after their own employees, but also to conduct a variety of external social programs. A good tradition for the Company was the concern for the poor citizens of the city. The company's soup kitchen provides daily hot meals to 100 people.


"Batumi Oil Terminal" LTD is involved in sponsorship and charitable assistance to pensioners, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the public and NGOs, organizes the annual events for orphans, and supports sporting and cultural events