The donate action “Donate Blood - Save a Life”.

On April 19, 2019, the employees of the Batumi Oil Terminal LTD (hereinafter referred to as “the Terminal”) took part in the donate action “Donate Blood - Save a Life”.

This is an important social action conducted on the initiative of the Blood Bank “Gema-2012” LTD, aimed at helping patients in dire need of donated blood and its components.

The mobile blood transfusion station was deployed on the territory of the Terminal, and everyone who was willing was able to donate blood, practically without distracting from the work process. Already at 10 a.m., the employees began to gather at the first-aid post of the Terminal, ready to share their blood with those who need it. For somebody it was the first experience, someone regularly donates blood, being an experienced donor.

We are all busy people, we carry out different work and, despite this, we can do a very simple, but very important thing - to help people whose lives can be saved through donation.

We thank all donors for participating in this generous and necessary action, for giving people hope for life!

Special thanks to the mobile team of medical workers of the Blood Bank “Gema-2012” LTD.