Measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection among the employees of the Batumi Oil Terminal Ltd

         In connection with the announcing the new coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic by the World Health Organization and an unfavorable epidemiological situation in the country, the Government of Georgia gradually introduced various kinds of restrictions.

        In accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the State bodies, , related to the introduction of the state of emergency throughout the country, in order to ensure the protection of life and health of the employees of the Batumi Oil Terminal Ltd , the Company carried out a number of operational measures to transfer the production to a safe mode of operation, including:

transfer of part of the employees to remote work;

the  exemption from being at the workplace the workers belonging to the group of high risk of infection;

transfer of shift workers with the identical tasks to a daily work schedule in order to create the reserve groups that will not overlap;

catering for shift workers;

the purchase of the additional personal protective equipment, antiseptics for hand disinfection, disinfectants for the treatment of premises;

the introduction of compulsory thermoscreening for the employees and the visitors;

the strengthening of the sanitary and disinfection regime of all premises of the Company, disinfecting of vehicles transporting the Company's employees by the disinfectants;

the organization of delivery to and from work of the personnel by the company's vehicles in connection with the prohibition on urban transport;

full transition to an electronic document management system, cancellation of face-to-face meetings, prohibition of all public events;

 the cancellation of all types of secondment of workers (except for cases of emergency response);

the suspension of sending the employees to training events;

 the approval of the Personnel Action Plans at different stages of the development of the emergency situation created by the reason of the coronavirus pandemic;

Conducting of the exercises to practice the actions of nurses at the First Aid Center when  the employees with suspected coronavirus infection are detected;

Regular staff information about the preventive measures to prevent the disease on a daily basis.  

    The work done by was positively assessed by representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia and the Labor Protection Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internally Displace Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia during the inspection of the enterprise for compliance with the new safety rules in the conditions of proliferation of COVID-19.

   The management of expresses gratitude to the employees for their high civic responsibility and encourages them to continue to comply with the norms of social distancing and all the recommendations of the Government in order to avoid the epidemiological situation getting out of control.