The Batumi Oil Terminal LLC resumed shipments of Kazakhstani dark oil products for deliver

In March 2024, The Batumi Oil Terminal LLC resumed loading of dark oil products produced at Kazakhstan oil refineries to Aframax tankers in batches of 60,000-80,000 tonnes on a Conventional Buoy Mooring. The cargo is then sent to European countries.

Loading of dark oil products of Kazakhstan origin is planned to be carried out on a monthly basis. The resumption of this work is connected with the diversification of transit and transport routes for cargo transportation.

Shipments of fuel oil and VGO (vacuum gasoil) in large tonnage batches were stopped in October 2018. Shipment of dark oil products in large tonnage batches by the Aframax-type tankers allows customers of the Batumi Oil Terminal LLC to reduce transport costs, which in turn makes the route of Kazakhstani export cargoes via Batumi more attractive and will increase their transshipment volume. Aframax-type oil tankers are designed to transport crude oil and oil products in an unlimited area of navigation. The tanker is 250 meters long, 44 meters wide, and has a deadweight of 114,000 tonnes.