Social Partnership

Batumi Oil Terminal LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Terminal) strives for effective personnel management mechanisms based on social partnership. In this regard, one of the main tasks facing the company is the development of the professionalism of the employees and the traditions of the Terminal. Employees are considered as one of the main strategic resources of the Terminal, contributing to its development and ensuring its competitiveness.

 For the mutual responsibility of the parties in relations between representatives of the employer and representatives of the work team, the social development of the team, taking into account the interests of all employees, the creation of a system of social and labor rights and guarantees, feedback has now been organized that allows each employee to apply for questions of interest and problems and issues that concern him(her) related to the activities of the Terminal.

The mployee can submit his proposals for improving working conditions, facts of discrimination or hostile environment, unethical behavior, abuse, possible unlawful encroachment on the property of the Terminal, as well as other facts with which he (she) does not agree or propose to improve, he(she) can apply in the following ways convenient for him(her).

Appeal - an individual or collective proposal, statement, complaint of an employee to an organization (official), stated orally or in writing.

Proposal - a type of appeal, the purpose of which is to draw the attention of the Terminal's management to the need to improve work, technological processes, safe working conditions, to recommend the improvement and improvement of the Terminal's activities, specific ways and means of solution.

An application is a type of appeal aimed at implementing the labor rights and interests of employees granted by law. Expressing a request of a personal or public nature, the application may also signal certain shortcomings in the activities of the Terminal and the Trade Union.

A complaint is a type of appeal that refers to a violation of the labor rights and legitimate interests of an employee. The complaint contains information about the violation of labor rights and a request for their restoration, criticism of the Terminal officials and individual employees, facts of discrimination, coercion, or illegal actions/inactions that, in the opinion of the complainant, led to the violation of his labor rights, and legitimate interests of the Terminal.

Anonymous appeal - an employee's appeal to the Terminal management (to an official), which does not indicate his (their) last name, first name, patronymic, or data on the place of residence, or there is no personal signature of the employee (s).

Where and how can the employee apply:

1.  Leave a voice message on the hotline at the phone number:

  • From mobile phone: 0422 276006
  • From landline phone: 276006

2.  Send a message to e-mail:

3.  Drop your complaint, appeal or proposal in writing into special Trust Boxes, which are installed in the following places of the Company:

  • On the first floor of the main administrative building, Batumi, st. Mayakovsky 4.
  • At the entrance to the dining room on the main territory, Batumi, st. Mayakovsky 4.
  • On the ground floor of an office building adjacent to the territory of the Cold Sloboda Crude Oil Storage and Offloading Station, Batumi, Volsky St., 3
  • At the entrance to the control room at the LPG Receiving and Transshipment Station, Batumi, Yusup Pagava St., 69.
  • On the ground floor of the office building of the Kapreshumi crude oil storage and offloading station, Khelvachauri district, Kapreshumi village.
  • The first floor of the office building of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Shop for receiving and loading oil products by sea, Batumi, Bako St. No. 23

Each appeal, proposal or complaint will not be left without attention, will be considered comprehensively and objectively, and is of a confidential nature. The employee's appeal will in no way affect the attitude of the Employer towards him(her)