1.   Envelope sample

2.   Sample application for participation in the tender

3. A potential supplier must submit:

a. A commercial offer (according to the above form) signed by the head of the organization (in the absence of a deputy head) and sealed (if any), which must contain the following information:

  • name of the potential supplier;
  • the actual address of the potential supplier;
  • name, characteristics and volume of the supplied goods/works/services;
  • the place and terms of the delivered goods;
  • form of payment;
  • the unit price and the total price in US dollars or lari, excluding VAT if not a VAT payer and if a VAT payer then including VAT, including all supplier's expenses on the terms specified in the technical specification.

b. The documents:

  • a copy of the certificate of state registration (re-registration) of the potential supplier;
  • a copy of the business register extract;
  • certificate of registration as a taxpayer;
  • certificate of no debt;
  • a copy of the license (if the terms of the procurement involve activities that are subject to mandatory licensing);
  • technical specification of the supplied goods/works/services (if necessary).

4. Commercial offers will be rejected from consideration in case of incomplete provision of information or incorrect execution of tender documentation.

5. All necessary documents must be submitted in Georgian and/or Russian.

6. After the expiration of the period specified in the advertisement for the procurement of goods/works and services, commercial offers are not subject to consideration.

7. The procurement contract is concluded within the terms specified in the protocol on the results of procurement, but no later than 10 (ten) calendar days from the date of signing the protocol on the results of the tender.

8. Additional information and references can be obtained from the Procurement and Contracts Department of Batumi Oil Terminal LLC.