Social support for employees of Batumi Oil Terminal LLC

On August 17, Murat Dzhumadillaev, General Director of Batumi Oil Terminal LLC, and David Dobordzhginidze, Chairman of the Batumi Oil Terminal LLC workers' trade union, representing the interests of all the company's employees, signed a Collective Agreement for the next three years. During the signing, the participants confirmed the legal significance and legal nature of the Collective Agreement, undertook to fulfill it throughout the entire period of validity.

“The collective agreement is the foundation of the company's social policy. The previous Collective Agreement, signed in August 2014, has expired. The new version of the agreement retained social support for employees despite the change in the labor legislation of Georgia,” said Murat Dzhumadillaev, Director General of Batumi Oil Terminal LLC.

The company's employees are the main strategic capital that ensures high competitive positions. Therefore, the constant improvement of working conditions, the system of remuneration and motivation, as well as the development of training and increasing the level of social support for employees are the key priorities of the company's personnel policy.